Definition, purpose and scope of international economic

By | May 13, 2011

Understanding the international economic
– in scientific terms. The international economy is a part or branch of economics that apply to economic activities between countries or between nations.
– in practical terms. The international economy is covering all economic activities carried out between nations, between countries and individual people from one country with other country.

International economic objectives
Is to achieve a higher level of prosperity for mankind. The objective could be achieved by conducting the activities in the fields of trade, investment, credit, transportation, insurance, etc..
The differences in the nature and ways of international trade with domestic trade caused by such things as follows:
a. Differences of countries, causing the differences in buying and selling rules of law, currency, customs regulations, and so forth.
b. Differences of nation and region, causing differences in habits, customs, preferences, seasonal and market conditions.
c. The difference is caused by political circumstances, social, economic and cultural.

The scope of international economic
a. Theory and international trade policy
b. Theory and policy of international financial or monetary
c. Organization and international economic cooperation
d. International companies and international business

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