Mad, Bad but not ICAD

$ICAD gained another .11 in todays trading. We drew your attention to iCAD this weekend because we had been doing well with it and thought it continued to look promissing. The shares had legs in trading both today and Monday and look to be a continuing positive addition to our portfolio moving forward. It’ll swing… Read More »

Link It With Your (T)UNG

$UNG looks poised to turn around on the last day of the week. If you look at Thursdays bounce for natural gas and the interday high for UNG it stands to reason that the ETF should see some substantive gains in the next few trading days.

Power Mad

$CPST, $APWR and $JASO are all doing great. These are three renewables we looked at on June 24. CPST is up better than 20% from the .90 it was trading at since that first post. After hours some of that was lost due to some bad news that came out about an earnings shortfall. We’re… Read More »

You Think You Are Big Ship

$GSL has had one heck of a day, +26% if you consider both regular and after hours trading. We pointed out just today that GSL was doing some impressive stuff and the company seems to be continuing the trend. We think that keeping a close eye on this one is important.

BAC-ed Up

Who’s working for you? $BAC is seeing another day of advances just as predicted before market today. As of this post BAC shares are up $4 since we first mentioned them last month.

When The Oracle Speaks, Listen!

n these economic times investors are losing lots of money while others are making lots of money.  What is the difference between the former and the latter?  I always say, look to those who are smarter or who have already made it for the best advice.  Who better to counsel, the Oracle of Omaha. There… Read More »