Going Green for GPRE

$GPRE is a small known stock but could make you big bucks. With a great chart, this is the time to load up. A great example of an early stage mark-up company with amazing potential. Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc. Announces Opening of Blendstar’s Biofuels Blending Terminal in Collins, Mississippi January 6, 2010 (MARKET WIRE)… Read More »

Going for the Gold

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock (GLDD) is the leader with 50 percent market share and the industry grew 30 percent last year. Up almost 2% with a close of $6.92 this market has had great liquidity and fantistic opportunities to buy on the dips and sell at the peaks with the value continuing to climb… Read More »

Rebirth & a little history.

Today’s Movements; 3x sun salutations breastfeeding on cue fruit shopping – 1hour brisk walk/jog 45 mins. Today’s Eats; 3 kiwi fruit 500g red grapes banana smoooothie  – coco water, 4 bananas, 5 dates. 2 litres water. 1/4 wedge of watermelon…this was actually quite big.* Greeeen Juice – 125g baby spinach, 5 apples. 2 dragon fruit… Read More »

***Sparkle sparkle***

Todays Movements: 5x sun salutations breastfeeding shopping (hey, non-stop walking thru the mall while carrying a 9 month old baby burns calories) 45 minute brisk walk. Today’s Eats: large rockmelon-blended large banana smoooothie -4 bananas, 6 dates, 2 cups coco water. 3 sweeeet mangoes 3 bananas chopped with 6 chopped dates sprinkledd on top. 2… Read More »

Yellow Spectral Sun

Today’s Movements: 3x sun salutations breastfeeding brisk 40 minute walk Today’s eats; large rockmelon – blended Greeeeen Smoovy – 1/2 head cos, 1 cucumber, 4 bananas, 1 kiwi fruit, 1 cup spring water. 5 bananas 1 apple -fuji. 6 bananas, chopped & ‘dressed’ with Date sauce (4 fresh pitted dates blended with 1/2 cup water) large… Read More »

Sabbath rest

Todays Movements: Apart from breastfeeding & 3x sun saltutations, it’s a day of rest for me. Today’s Eats: Large rockmelon -blended. Greenie Juice – 5 apples, 100g baby spinach, 3 kale leaves, 1 cucumber. 1 large dragon fruit -red fleshed. 5 kiwi fruit. water from one young coconut. 1 litre spring water. Half way to… Read More »

Yellow Resonant Warrior

Today’s Movements: 3x Sun Salutations Breastfeeding on cue 45 minutes dancing. Today’s Eats: Large rockmelon -blended 2 sweeeeeetie mangoes. Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen Juice -5 apples, 100g baby spinach, 5 big kale leaves. 1/4 large watermelon- perfect mmmm. 5 bananas chopped and sprinkled with 6 chopped fresh dates. A match made in Heaven. 4 peaches salad of half… Read More »