the birthday madness continues & the beauty of fruit.

Aloha peeps! The last four days have been a little crazy and I have been time poor when it comes to cyberspace. I am finding that with the dawn starts I really need to get to bed by 9pm and what with finding time for kundalini yoga and mothering and general household duties, well, there… Read More »

Interstate trade barriers

Interstate commerce can lead to many benefits, but the implementation does not always run smoothly, many obstacles arise. Trade barriers between countries are as follows: a. Differences currency of a country to another. To pay for imported goods is the currency (exchange) of the exporting country, payment of the money will be difficult because the… Read More »

Capital markets

The capital market is a market that connects between the seller and the buyer of capital money to conduct trade transactions. The capital market is also called the credit market. Credit markets are of two kinds, namely: 1. Capital markets, ie markets that trade long-term credit, in the form of securities such as stocks and… Read More »

Birthday Non-Blues

Well my friends, in an hour I will be a year older. I’ve never understood the birthday blues – I mean, it’s a day of celebration for the awesomeness that is YOU – what could be depressing about that? When you think about it, it’s a strange celebration. Congratulations! You continued to live for another… Read More »

The impact of unemployment and efforts to overcome unemployment

High unemployment can bring a variety of impacts on the process of economic development. In order not to continue, governments must address the problem of unemployment, because unemployment is a very vital and sensitive to the economic stability and security of a country. Unemployment can bring a very harmful impact if not addressed immediately. Unemployment… Read More »

Oligopoly markets

Oligopoly market occurs when there are a number or a few companies dominate the market. These companies will compete to earn the trust of consumers. Oligopoly market is a market that consists of some or only a small number of sellers and consumers or buyers are huge numbers. Basically, the oligopoly market is divided into… Read More »

Improving the quality of labor

Competitiveness in the economy can be realized with an adequate quality of the workforce. Therefore, the necessary efforts to improve the quality of the workforce. a. Educational programs Improving the quality of labor through education can be done as follows: 1. Formal education. This effort to improve human quality through formal education. Every citizen is… Read More »

Economics: free market economic system

Free market economic system is also called a liberal economic system, which gives freedom to the people to establish and control their own economic activities in accordance with their own abilities without any interference and obstacles from the government. This freedom includes all economic activities, even the community can engage in economic activities with the… Read More »

Economic policies applied by the government

Various problems of government in the economy is an obstacle to the development process. To overcome these problems, the government implemented policies in the economic field, are as follows: a. Fiscal policy. Fiscal policies include policies on spending and state revenues or taxes. Expenditures and revenues is a tool of economic policy. For example to… Read More »