Recipe Book

Warning: Following the advice and resources in this book may lead to feelings of exuberance, burgeoning vitality and unbridled joy. With a collection of fresh, vibrant recipes, all important background information and practical tips for healthful living this book is sure to inspre you to live your best life ever whatever your age. What began… Read More »

Seasonal availability of Fruits & Veg (in Australia)

Seasonal Guide to Fruit & Vegetables January – mid summer – fruit apricot, banana, berries – blackberry – blueberry – boysenberry – gooseberry – loganberry – mulberry – raspberry – strawberry, cherry – morello (sour), currants – red currant – black currant, lemons, lychee, mango, mangosteen, melons – honeydew – rockmelon – watermelon, nectarine, passionfruit,… Read More »

Who is a Compassionate Christian?

The Compassionate Christian As perhaps the only vegan (let alone vegetarian) in the church that I used to attend I was often persecuted both in private and publicly for my lifestyle and dietary choices. The catalyst for my journey along the plant-based path began as a quest for health yet I soon began to realize… Read More »

The Mastermind in our Gut and the three nasty anti-nutrients.

Sooner or later when dis-ease occurs we have to look at the integrity of our gut. Toxaemia occurs when there is a toxic build up because our usual pathways of elimination are beginning to struggle under the pressure.  An inflamed immune response (ie: our general vitality) and subsequently an inability to absorb nutrients can make… Read More »

Breastfeeding & allergy prevention.

(This article was first published in Natural Parenting magazine 5 years ago. It is still relevent today.) A recent news story aired regarding the increasing incidence of food allergies and allergy-related illnesses evident in children today. Apparently, the newscaster stated solemnly, this increase has doctors and experts alike baffled. What is the cause and can… Read More »

Blue Crystal Hand & a Loverly time was had by all.

Today’s moves: breastfeeding on cue 3x sun salutations 1 hour walk. Today’s Eats: 600mls freshly squeezed organic valencia OJ. DateOrade – coco water, 6 dates 10 dates 6 bananas 2 apples head cos (romaine) lettuce, 200g cherry toms. 250 mls fresh OJ. So this morning my Dad made the journey back home. It’s hard not… Read More »

Sabbath blissings…

Today’s Moves: Breastfeeding on cue 3x sun salutations Sabbath rest. Today’s Eats: 600 mls fresh OJ. large rockmelon blended 2kg watermelon Banana smoooovy – coco water, 5 bananas, 4 dates. 1kg greeeeeeeen grapes Greek salad (sans fetta & dressing) – tomatoes, cucumber, spanish onion, cos. Well while some other lucky peeps were hanging out at… Read More »

Yellow Solar Seed & the food forest.

Today’s Moves: Breastfeeding on cue 3x sun salutations gardening 1hr Today’s Eats: 600ml fresh squeezed beautiful organic OJ 1 large rockmelon DateOrade coco water, 5 dates. 2kg watermelon 4 bananas, 8 dates. large green salad with cherry toms & cucumbers. So the pic above is my design in progress for my PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate).… Read More »

Future thoughts.

Todays’ Moves: breastfeeding on cue 3x sun salutations gardening – 1 hr Today’s eats: 600 mls fresh OJ 1 huge rockmleon blended 2kg watermelon 500g crimson grapes 4 dates +3 bananas 250ml fresh OJ mixed lettuce, tomatoes, 1/4 avocado. bluuurgh, had a foodcourt ‘garden salad’ (sans dressing) & a freshly squeezed juice bar OJ tonight… Read More »

Do u speak my language?

Today’s Moves: breastfeeding on cue 3x sun salutation 30 minute walk carrying a babe on my back. Today’s Eats: 600mls freshly squeezed OJ 2kg watermelon DateOrade -coco water, 6 dates 12 dates 4 bananas 2 kg watermelon   Today was quite productive.  Did a heap of stuff around the house like cleaning cobwebs, mowing, &… Read More »