Hot New R(e)MIX

Another company that we’ve been trading, and called out at our entry of $0.50 before it started to really rally up, to our twitter followers is RMIX which has broken a long-standing downtrend, and seems pretty well intent on following through with its upside move. Aiming to get back above $1.00 which is the NASDAQ… Read More »

Investors Feeling Jaded on JADA(E)?

$JADAE (JADA) has the E on it for a late filing – but that hasn’t stopped this stock from hitting that bounce we talked about in our post Catch this Bounce. Up $0.25 at it’s close today, since we called it at $0.40. And we are holding that it will go higher still from there;… Read More »

It’s all about Green

Earth Day is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment; where everyone is encouraged to do at least one good thing for the environment. In light of this special day, we are going to feature our favorite “Green” companies. $CAL With the release of their Q1 profits this morning, the… Read More »

An AAPL a Day

AAPL has been making the long, upward climb since we first started trading in the beginning of July and over the past several months we’ve been extremely bullish with this stock. In fact, we’ve written posts on it almost every single month since our post He Who Has The Gold Makes The Rules, where we… Read More »

$ABK vs $GS …

$ABK has has a recent soar in their stock price. We called the bounce out recently in “Bounce This…” If you got in when we first mentioned it, you are probably pretty happy with that increase! Up from it’s trading range of around $.50 we saw it go as high as $3.25! It’s settled back… Read More »

Citigroup Announces Major Profit

And by major we mean $4.4 billion dollars, which is the strongest results we’ve seen since the market crashed. Citi, which hit $5 on Thursday for the first time since late last year (& could rise to the $6-$8 range) has said that on a per share basis the company earned 15 cents! “Citi today… Read More »

How to Profit from The Goldman PANIC!

$GS came crashing down today when the SEC charged the firm with fraud related to subprime mortgages. (click here for news) The news even brought the Dow down by triple digits. And there’s slight speculation that other banks such as Merril Lynch, Bear Sterns, & even Citi Group may be charged with these same fraud… Read More »

The faeries have landed….

Today’s Moves: Breastfeeding on cue Ab Ripper X Legs & Back Today’s Eats: 4 large oranges, peeled & blanded with 1/4 cup water Dr D’s Porridge – 4 bananas, 3 apples, 5 dates head cos, 4 large roma toms, 1 grated carrot. 10 bananas 3 mandarins 300g red grapes dateOrade – coco water, 5 dates. 4… Read More »

Catch this Bounce

Hey folks! While we’re still on the subject of bounce plays, we’ve got another one for you. Although they can be risky, you can find some opportunities in OTC stocks. For example. JADA (Nasdaq BB) Looks like a solid, no brainer, bounce. They had 8 cents per share net earnings six months ago, and once… Read More »

We Love Bounce Plays: Some of our Favorites….

If you love trading as much as we do, you’ll agree that bounce plays can bring as much excitement as a SuperBowl game during a tie in the last final moments. You’re waiting for just that right moment as the stock is plummeting down because you want in at just the right time and BAM!… Read More »