Labor market

Input market of human resources or labor is the sum of demand and supply necessary for the production process. However, the utilization of labor will depend on the extent or absence of the production process. To produce quality goods and services, companies need a highly qualified workforce as well. Wages is the remuneration received by… Read More »

Volatile Buying and Selling session Thursday’s

Rand gold Assets (NASDAQ: GOLD ) closed Thursday’s volatile buying and selling session at $103.59. Previously year, the stock has hit a 52-week low of $70.18 and 52-week a lot of $114.50. Rand gold Assets gold stock continues to be showing support around $100.69 and resistance within the $106.67 range. Technical indications for that stock… Read More »

Steeling Your Portfolio steel production

A week ago, I designed a promise that I’d abandon my unfocused ways and search in on five stocks that appear to be particularly interesting at this time. Taking center stage at this time is ArcelorMittal (New york stock exchange: MT  ) , the 500-pound gorilla of global steel production. I’ll begin by saying that… Read More »

State expenditure, central government spending, and regional spending

To encourage economic growth required government intervention. Big or little government intervention can be seen from the proportion of government expenditure to national income. Central government expenditure a. Personnel expenditure. Personnel expenditure budget used to maintain the smooth operations of government and improve the quality of service to the community and improve the welfare of… Read More »

Stock index futures contracts

Instrument in the form of stock index futures contract is a contract or agreement between two parties that requires them to sell or buy products that become principal variables in the future with a predetermined price. When an investor or capital owners choose to invest in this type of instrument, there are several benefits to… Read More »

International economic policy

International economic policies are used to build the economy and trade. These policies may include monetary and fiscal policy. Instruments of international economic policy, consisting of: a. International trade policy. International trade policies governing the export and import of goods or services. Policies that are applied should provide benefits for the country especially in the… Read More »

The function of taxes and other official levies

Tax function is as follows: a. Budgetary functions. To perform routine tasks of government and carry out development, the government requires that the cost comes from taxes. Taxes used to finance the construction such as personnel expenditure, expenditure items, and maintenance. b. Stability function. Proceeds from the tax revenue is used to implement policies relating… Read More »

Foreign Exchange

International trade will give the international consequences of the transactions related to international payments. Means of payment in international transactions using foreign currency or foreign currency. International transactions will affect a country’s balance of payments equilibrium. International trade encourages countries to create a payment tool that can be accepted by many countries. Upon mutual agreement,… Read More »