We are the weirdos, Mister.

Okay, so The Craft is on tv tonight and it’s making me totally nostalgic. This film absolutely rocked my world on so many levels when it came out in 1996. Remember crazypants Nancy with her gothic ninties chic black hair and insane eyes and dark lipstick? And the doe-eyed flame-tressed heroine Sarah- the actress who… Read More »

The Daily Dugout: Sunday Funday

Comin’ in hot: Rotoprofessor asks if you should target Anibal Sanchez on draft day?  I say yes. Why the hell not. Fake Teams begins the search for the next Buster Posey (if there is such a thing), with mentions of J. P. Arencibia, Devin Mesoraco, Wilin Rosario, and Jesus Montero.  I’ve got my money on… Read More »

Fantasy Baseball 2011 Rankings: Catchers

Quick Note: My projections are based on a combination of stats from prior years, other experts’ projections and my own brain.  In most cases I have rounded them to the nearest “5″ or “10″.  For me, the tiers (Elite, Solid, Decent With Upside, Good Not Great) are far more important than the rankings within the… Read More »

The Daily Dugout: Weekend Update

NEWSFLASH: Pitchers and Catchers report to Spring Training 2 weeks from tomorrow. How stoked are you? The Baseball Dugout has a run-down of some of the Top Prospects who have a chance to win a starting gig out of spring training, including J.P. Arencibia, Chris Sale, Mike Minor, Freddie Freeman, Kyle Drabek, Aroldis Chapman, Domonic… Read More »

Oh, how I long for a Ball!

Okay, famously said by Elizabeth Bennet’s ill-fated sister Lydia in Pride and Prejudice, but no less true coming from my fingertips/lips. I just bought tickets to a Ball. It’s a wonderful cause- Queensland Flood Relief- plus the prospect of dressing up (black tie no less) makes me positively giddy. Black tie makes my heart flutter.… Read More »

The Daily Dugout: Who IS The Next Carlos Gonzalez?

So if you are new to the site, which you probably are because it is a new site (which means even I am new to the site), then you may not know about these Daily Dugout posts.  I call them The Daily Dugout because I “dug out” the information from the internet.  I guess some… Read More »

TMR Top 200 Rankings and Reactions

ESPN’s Matthew Berry just released his Top 200 for fantasy baseball based on a 10-team 5×5 league.  He discloses to us that he devalued starting pitching because it is so abundant in the mid to late rounds, devalued first base because of depth, devalued catcher because ESPN only has 1 catcher position, and upped-in-value power… Read More »

The Daily Dugout: Captain Hindsight Edition

What up kids? It’s Thursday. Which means tomorrow is Friday. Almost time to party.  Anyway, here are your links for the day: The KFFL staff has compiled a list of NL Players and AL Players in contract years.  Hey, sometimes money talks  (in the form of a career year). ESPN’s AJ Mass writes kind of… Read More »

From where I’d rather be…

Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of… Paris, je t’aime.   Anywhere you go, desire is desire. The sun cannot bleach it, nor the tide wash it away.   Via Del Amore.   The Lost Forrest.   Love. A girl can dream, right? weheartit.com