Social stratification in the economic field

Included in the economic field such as the amount of ownership of wealth or income. Social stratification based on economic criteria known as social class. Classification of social class is generally used there are three, namely: a. Upper class. To find the upper class can be seen from the car is used, the form of… Read More »

Accounting information system

Organization require accounting, whether for profit or nonprofit purpose. This is due to increasingly complex financial transactions carried out an organization. With accounting, financial transactions processed into reports of systematic and integrated. The financial statements are used by organization in decision-making. – Quality of Accounting Information Accounting information provided by a company must be in… Read More »

Areas of international economic cooperation

Economic cooperation, whether bilateral, multilateral, regional, or international, covering the areas as follows: a. Production Cooperation in production is a collaboration of countries in producing certain goods, either on the restriction of quantity and standard quality. This is intended to stabilize prices in the market, such as OPEC. b. Trade and tariff Cooperation in trade… Read More »

Goodness of an individual company

In practice, individual firms are found to form a majority, it is due to the presence of some Goodness of an individual company. First. Organizations that easy. Organize individual companies is relatively easy, except for a small company, its activities are relatively limited. Second. Freedom of movement. Individual company owners have extensive freedom, because every… Read More »

Growth and economic development

Changes in general about the economy that experienced by a country often becomes a talking point among scientists, economists, government officials, and the general public who are interested as economic observer. Various media are often carried stories on the economic field experienced by a country, such as inflation, unemployment, employment, production, and investment. Each country… Read More »

The preparation of consolidated profit / loss

The process of preparation of the consolidated profit / loss derived from the company’s working paper for a period. The accounts presented in the consolidated profit and loss account in the form of nominal (revenues and expenses). The preparation of consolidated profit / loss can be presented in the form of stafel and skontro. Consolidated… Read More »

Definition of demand

Demand is the entire amount of certain goods would be purchased by consumers at various price levels within a specific time and place, ceteris paribus condition. Why was there the demand for goods? For goods that have utility for the satisfaction of human needs. Demand for some goods needed new customers will have meaning if… Read More »