How To Get JR Through College

  College is expensive, and as a parent it can seem daunting to figure out how you’re going to get your child through college without pushing the limits of your credit card or refinancing the house. With smart investments, you can generate the growth and funds to get JR to college without breaking the bank.… Read More »

My other job & the key to a PMS-free cycle…

Ah Motherhood..the same across all species. So during the month hiatus we took a trip to the Zoo for a combined birthday treat. I have mixed feelings about zoos. Those poor animals stuck in enclosures, often being fed unnatural diets, being oggled at all day. I guess they don’t have to worry about natural predators,… Read More »

Spring Flings

WOW..can’t believe a whole MONTH has gone by since my last post!!!  Actually I can believe it. Time tends to speed a bit when you are a busy home’s cooling fam. So we’ve been here there and everywhere, and about to set off again for the Feast of Tabernacles. It is now the eve of… Read More »

Beat The Market, Analysts and Your Own Expectations

In an economic slump you have to hunt for where the growth that will drive the recovery starts. Looking at young adults that tend to opt for luxury, gaming and telecom are all places where you can defy gravity. Looking good, feeling good and prospecting for new revenue are places where expenses are not often… Read More »

By their Fruits you shall know them..& release….

Hi Fruity Peeps! It’s restock Thursday again & we’ve got a nice variety this week; fresh medjool dates, custard apples, 12kg bananas, drinking coconuts (chemical-free), 14kg red naval oranges rockmelons (left-over from last week), apples, tomatoes, & smoothie bananas. plus there are a heap of greens in the temperamental fridge. Feels so good to be… Read More »

Signs & wonders, & red tent revelations….

Hello Beautiful Fruitful Souls! Today I felt that I have finally found my BLISS. It has taken some 30-odd years of brainwash & brainfog to detox but today was the culmination of a weekend of Awakening. My Dad came down again for the weekend because it was Ariel’s birthday on Sunday. Shaun took him indoor… Read More »

Fruit Restock, & grains are for the birds…….Thursday’s Post.

So I have been experimenting on myself & listening to my own hypnosis session (yes, I’m slightly narcassisstic)..& I have noticed a definate change. I have renewed vigour in this lifestyle..not just food-wise but also exercise, sunshine, water, fresh air, & sleeeep..oh blissful sleep. And it is only day 5. I picked up my bulk… Read More »

Google Is Not Feeling Lucky

Or at least that is what many are thinking with other search engines gaining market share like Bing.  We however see opportunity and we are not the only ones.  Getting Educated, Amused & Enriched as always here is an excerpt from a recent DiPietro commentary: Jordan DiPietro: First things first. Michael Copeland notes that Microsoft‘s (Nasdaq: MSFT) Bing has… Read More »

Birthdays, rainy days, & look into my eyes…..

Yesterday my baby boy turned 4. In the lead up to it he declared that it was the day that he had been ‘birthpooled’. If you are at all inclined you can read all about that birth in My Birth Stories page. And yes, he was actually a waterbirth. @home of course Well apart from… Read More »